E-Posters Day 2 March 3, 2022: Invention & Innovation

Interact with poster presenters by entering the zoom meeting room for E-poster Day 2  (March 3) 

Room 1:
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1. Isolated Aniridia Caused By A Novel PAX6 Heterozygous Large Deletion Mediated By Multi-exon Complex Rearrangement
2. In Silico Screening Of Potential Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP) Inhibitor From Isolated Compounds Of Andropogon Citratus (Lemon Grass)

Room 2:
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3. Effectiveness Of The Aqueous Extract Of Crimson Bottlebrush (Melaleuca Citrina) Modified Mosquito Trap As An Attractant To Adult Aedes Aegypti
4. Course And Telerehabilitation Of Impaired Functional Mobility And Balance Secondary To Covid-19 Induced Vestibular Dysfunction: A Case Report And Literature Review

Room 3:
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5. Machine Learning Prediction Of Autism
6. Telenursing For The Primary Care Of Hypertension And Diabetes: A Scoping Review

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7. Setting-up A Telenursing Heart Failure Self-care Education Training Program