Hernandez, Sandra Concepcion Layla S.

Institute of Child Health and Human Development
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Research Areas: 
child physical and sexual abuse
Intergenerational transmission of violence and teen pregnancies
intergenerational link of childhood adversity
Relevant Publications: 
  • Hernandez, SS, Lacsina AC, Ylade MC, Aldaba JA, Lam HY, Estacio LR, Lopez AL. Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children Online in the Philippines: A Review of Online News and Articles. Acta Med Phillip. 2018 52(4): 305 – 311.
  • Oris, Glenda. Ako ay May Kiki. Manila: Lampara Publishing House, Inc. 2020.
  • Hernandez, Sandra and Madrid, Bernadette. Site Review of Valenzuela, Philippines in Evidence for Better Lives Consortium (2019). Addressing Violence against Children, Mapping the Needs and Resources in Eight Cities across the World. Cambridge: Institute of Criminology.