National Training Center for Biosafety and Biosecurity

Created in February 2018, the NTCBB is the newest Center formally established under the NIH and approved by the UP Board of Regents. The NTCBB is the pioneer training center in the field of biosafety and biosecurity in the Philippines. It is mandated to promote and develop biorisk management principles in various institutions to maintain safety in all the laboratories and other institutions that handle biological hazards across the country. 

The Center envisions itself to be the source of relevant information and expertise related to the practice of biosafety and biosecurity in the Philippines, to provide the capacity for training for biosafety and biosecurity practitioners in the Philippines, and to be the focal training center in the country that will link with counterpart organization globally. In order to uphold its mandate, the NTCBB has flagship programs aimed to promote and educate stakeholders with the principles of biosafety and biosecurity; among these programs are the Advanced Biorisk Officers Training and Online Biosafety Training. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives and damage the country’s healthcare system, the Center took initiative and led free biosafety trainings online to educate laboratorians and healthcare workers about the importance of biorisk management in handling COVID-19 samples.  



Institute/Center administration:

Director: Raul V. Destura, MD, FPSMID

Office Address: National Institutes of Health Building, UP Manila