Purificacion, Jaime M.

Institute of Herbal Medicine
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Herbal Medicine
"My research work in the Institute of Herbal Medicine is to facilitate the completion of up to Phase 3 clinical trials of all the herbal plants identified by the NIRPROMP that will be beneficial to the Filipino people like kanya pistula for constipation and tsaang gubat syrup for gastrointestinal colic for children. Me and my friends are also planning to make a proposal about the inflammatory effect of gmellina and mambog tree."
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Patented Studies/Products of NIRPROMP namely:

    1. Sambong Tablets as diuretic and for urolithiasis (herbal composition and use thereof)

        Patent Registration # 1-1997-57575

    2. Ampalaya Tablet as anti-Diabetes for type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

        Patent Registration # 1-2006-000544

    3. Tsaang Gubat Tablet for alleviating diarrhea, billiary and intestinal colic pains and stomach pains

        Patent Registration # 1-2009-000197

    4. Ulasimang Bato Tablet as anti-hyperuricemic agent 

        Patent Registration # 1-2013-000067