Documentation and Dissemination

1. Publication and Presentation

It is the responsibility of the researcher/s to publish and present his/her research findings. Publication in scientific journals, and/or presentation of results to the scientific community and the general public should be done by the investigators. It is recommended that research outputs be published in peer-reviewed journals both local and international. The following are peer-reviewed journals in UP Manila.

The UP Manila Journal

The official publication of UP Manila that focuses on the social sciences, humanities, physical sciences and socio-psycho and socioeconomic aspects of health.


Information, Publication & Public Affairs Office (IPPAO)
Central Administration Complex, 8th Floor
Philippine general Hospital
Taft Ave., Manila
Telefax: (02)526-4250


Acta Medica Philippina

The official publication of UP Manila College of Medicine, College of Public Health and the PGH. It has preference for biomedical aspects of health research.

Acta Medica Philippina
University of the Philippines, College of Medicine
547 Pedro Gil Street, Manila 1000, Philippines
telephone number: (02) 5264260;5222684 fax number: 5222684
mobile number: (0922) 8120588

2. Authorship

All authors of a scientific paper should contribute significantly to the production of an accurate scientific report. The principal author is responsible for the validity of the entire paper while the co-authors should verify the parts of the paper that belong to their respective expertise.

3. Acknowledgement of Financial Assistance

The source/s of financial support for the conduct of the research investigation should be acknowledged in any report or publication by the investigator/s relating to the results of the project.