NIH Research Faculty Applications


The UP Board of Regents, in its 1366th Meeting on November 2021, approved the proposed revisions in the implementing guidelines for the appointment, tenure of a research faculty (RF), and reclassification to a research faculty position at the NIH to facilitate the growth of the RF base in UP Manila, to provide a healthy balance between their research work and teaching responsibilities, and to promote growth in their career as researchers in the University. The revisions include the following:

Maintenance of Research Facilities

Maintenance of the facilities will be charged against the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenditures (MOOE) of the Unit/Institute and in the prorated billing of the different research entities for the use of the laboratory facilities and services of the laboratory personnel.

Access to Research Facilities

The principle involved in accessing research facilities of NIH is to optimize the use of common research facilities for the different research entities that will need these facilities. However, development of specialized laboratories would be dependent on specific research agenda and projects.

Final Report Format

The FINAL REPORT should be printed double-spaced on letter-size white paper to be submitted in 2 hard copies, 2 electronic copies and 10 copies of executive summaries with list of stakeholders and addresses for dissemination. The format should be in publishable form that should have the following sections:

Research Utilization

The foremost purpose of health research is to generate knowledge that would be useful in improving the quality of life and upgrading the health care of the Filipino people. For this to be accomplished, research results should be communicated to the appropriate agencies for proper utilization towards better clinical care, formulation of health policies and promoting health programs, and other related purpose.

Conduct of Research

The implementation of a University-funded research project will get support services from the Office of Property and Supply for procurement of supplies and materials; the Budget Office and Cash services for financial processing; OVCR/NIH and College for research facilities.

Funding Agreement

1. Memorandum of Agreement

All researches funded by the NIH/UPM shall have a Memorandum of Agreement (Annex B).