Conduct of Research

The implementation of a University-funded research project will get support services from the Office of Property and Supply for procurement of supplies and materials; the Budget Office and Cash services for financial processing; OVCR/NIH and College for research facilities.

The principal investigator should hire the project staff (e.g. Research Assistant). The contract of services will be assigned by the principal investigator using a standard form for this purpose (Annex C). A copy of the signed project contract should be provided the UPM Budget Office. Research fund shall be released as grants, as described in Chapter VII.

For externally-funded projects, if the research fund is under the name of the University, such fund should be coursed through the UP Manila Development Foundation, Inc or through any University-affiliated foundation, including the management thereof.

All externally-funded projects should be cleared with the Dean/Institute Director or Unit Head whose resources will be used in the implementation of the project.

When a project is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team, the role of the different members of the team, e.g. project leaders, co-project leaders, etc., should be based on the consensus of its members.