Nevado, Jose B. Jr

Institute of Human Genetics
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Research Areas: 
Molecular Biology
Internal Medicine
Translational Medicine
My research advocacy can be summarized into a few distinct agenda. First, I want to focus on topics that are of immense clinical and public health relevance, that is, the most common medical conditions of our community. These will include infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. Second, I want to promote the elucidation of mechanisms of diseases using relevant and modern technology. Through these methods, I intend to discover therapeutic targets, diagnostic markers and prognostic indicators that could be eventually useful for healthcare applications. Nevertheless, I am also aware that cost-effective strategies are warranted, especially in the setting of a developing nation like the Philippines. Third, I advocate translational approach in biomedical research discovery. I intend to use animal models following good laboratory practices, and to proceed to clinical studies once safety is well established and a high likelihood of useful application is presumed.
Relevant Publications: 
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