Newborn Hearing Screening Reference Center


  1. Develop standards for certification for newborn hearing screening centers

  2. Define hearing screening protocols

  3. Maintain external laboratory proficiency program

  4. Oversee the national testing database and cases registries

  5. Assist in training activities in all aspects of program

  6. Oversee the development of all promotional and educational materials

  7. Report to DOH any non-compliance committed by newborn hearing screening centers of health facility

Research Projects:

- 2011-2012:

  1. Pilot Project on Community-based Newborn Hearing Screening

  2. Hearing Screening for Newborn: Comparison of PNEI-IP Computer Based and Conventional Otoacoustic Emission Detection Machine

  3. Development of Nationwide Newborn Hearing Screening Registry


Dr. Charlotte M. Chiong