National Clinical Trials and Translation Center

THe NIH-National Clinical Trials and Translation Center (NCTTC) offers:

  • The hub for local clinical research network
    1. It will be an academic center that connects clinical trial units and coordinates and supports the conduct of government, national and international research networks, and multinational clinical trials. This will facilitate and standardize clinical trial sites identification and set-up, workflow SOPs, recruitment sites and strategies.
    2. It will provide training for Principal Investigators and Research staff in the conduct of world class clinical research and assistance to publication.
    3. It will also provide infrastructure and support for investigator-initiated clinical trials from conceptualization to close-out and archiving.
    4. It will offer opportunities for translational activities such as applying discoveries generated during research in the laboratory, and in clinical studies, to the development of trials and studies in humans as well as enhancing the adoption of best practices in the community through cost-effectiveness of prevention and treatment strategies outcomes.   
  • A credible and high caliber partner for pharmaceutical companies in multinational clinical trials.
  • A government partner of the International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN) in the Philippines.

Vision/ Purpose

The National Clinical Trials and Translation Center will be the major resource hub for health research and capacity building, creating new knowledge that will elevate the standards of health care for Filipinos.


The NCTTC will address the increase in the number of health professionals conducting clinical trials research of international standards, encourage collaboration with other fields needed for translation of findings in health research such as social sciences, economics, and public health, and place UP in a leading role, nationally and internationally, as a Center of Excellence in Clinical Trials and Translational Research.



  1. A fully operational clinical trials and translation center for the conduct of research from phase 1 to phase 4
  2. Training programs of international standards for Clinical Research Design and Implementation that will empower Filipino researchers to undertake more investigator initiated clinical trials
  3. Locally developed and globally compliant, electronic database capture system (EDC), which is less expensive and more adapted to technology in the Philippines
  4. Quality Assurance Programs, including Standard Operating Procedures, for conduct of world class research
  5. Publication and advisory support for translation of research output into relevant health policies for the Filipinos