Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies

IHPDS, created upon BOR approval in 27 May 1999, espouses a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based, and multi-organizational approach to health policy research, formulation, and development. As the foremost academe-based health policy research center, it shall serve as the authority for applied health systems research, health economic research, and policy analysis and advocacy; a platform for implementing broad-based, multi-disciplinary approach to real world problems affecting health and development; and a source of learnings and solutions that are actionable, robust, empirically illuminated and validated for the benefit and use of policymakers and other stakeholders.

Previous Institute Directors: 

  • Fely Marilyn E. Lorenzo, RN, DrPH (1997-2008)
  • Ruben N. Caragay, MD, MPH, PhD (2008-2010)
  • Lilian A. De Las Llagas, MSc, PhD, LIB (2010-2011)
  • Shelly Ann Dela Vega, MD, MS (2011-2013) 



  1. Child Restraint Systems Road Safety Policy Compliance in the Republic of the Philippines 
  2. Prevalence of Behavioral and Metabolic Risk Factors Causing Lifestyle-Related Diseases among Adults in the National Capital Region
  3. Managing stress levels of disaster responders with an android app and monitoring  and evaluation system under DARETO program



  • Antimicrobial Resistance R&D Center for One Health

Institute/Center administration:

Director: Hilton Y. Lam, MHA, PhD

Executive Committee Members:

Carlos Primero D. Gundran, MD, MScDM, FPCEM

Leonardo Estacio Jr., MACD, PhD

Michael Antonio F. Mendoza, DDM, MA

Ma. Esmeralda Silva, MPAf, MSPPM, PhD

Paul Matthew Pasco, MD

Imelda G. Peña, RPh, DrPh

Anna Cristina A. Tuazon, PsyD, RPsy


Office Address: National Institutes of Health Building, UP Manila