Final Report Format

The FINAL REPORT should be printed double-spaced on letter-size white paper to be submitted in 2 hard copies, 2 electronic copies and 10 copies of executive summaries with list of stakeholders and addresses for dissemination. The format should be in publishable form that should have the following sections:

1. Structured Executive Summary

This should include the main findings of the study. The executive summary will be disseminated to stakeholders/users, so it must be comprehensive but concise. The users must be able to know what the project study is all about, benefits, issues, etc. by just reading the executive summary.

2. Abstract

This should include the title of the project with the NIH project number in parenthesis after the title; the names of the authors and the unit to which each belongs; the ABSTRACT that should contain a functional summary of the project that will also be entered directly into the UPM Research Database; and 5 keywords.

3. Introduction

The author lists the originally approved objectives of the project, and briefly explains any changes and/or to what extent have each of the objectives been met; provides sufficient details for critical evaluation by the reviewers as well as cites appropriate literature. There should be a separate section on review of literature to emphasize how important it is.

4. Materials and Methods

The methodology of the project is adequately described

5. Results

The results are systematically arranged to include tables and figures in separate pages.

6. Discussion

Sections 6 & 7 can be fused, however. The discussion should also include the limitations of the study.

7. Analysis

How the results compare with others, what are the new methodological and theoretical contributions

8. Conclusion and Recommendations

The significance of the findings in your field of specialization and/or to the applied solution of problems are emphasized

9. References

The full bibliographic details of literature cited in this report are entered.

10. Publications and Patents

The full bibliographical details of each publication that have resulted from this project are listed two reprints or photocopies of each publication are enclosed. The public fora in which the findings of the projects had been presented are stated whether it is a plenary paper, free paper or poster presentation; photocopies of conference proceedings and abstract are enclosed. Prizes or awards won for the above, if any, are listed details of patents or copyrights that were taken for products that resulted from this project are provided.

11. Research Training

The details of research training opportunities provided by this project for special studies, thesis or dissertation research students and others are listed.

12. Research Links

The research links with colleagues and institutions within and outside the UP System that have been engaged or established in the course of undertaking this research project are listed. If this project is partially supported by another grant, the following details: title of project, identifying projects number (if any), principal investigator, affiliated institution, granting agency and amount of funding are listed.

13. Ethical Considerations

Summary on how the project study was done is included under ethical considerations.