Advanced Studies and Research in Orthopedics (ASTRO)

Emmanuel P. Estrella, MD
  • To promote basic, clinical, science and technology research and development in the field of orthopaedics and related disorders.
  • To advance the development of the ASTRO Study Group and research program in line with NIH research agenda.
  • To establish a mechanism for the dissemination and utilization of the research outputs of the ASTRO Study Group.
  • To complement ongoing programs such as the Masters in Orthopedics of the University of the Philippines Manila and faculty research human resources training in the University.
  • To ensure that the results of the health research and development activities are utilized to improve the quality of health care of the Filipino people with various  orthopaedic and related disorders.
Ongoing Projects: 
  • Book chapter in “Manual of Orthopedic Emergencies”
  1. Chapter on Amputations
  2. Chapter on Diabetic Extremity Infection
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries in Adults (for publication)