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Newborn Screening Reference Center

Research Areas:   Clinical Genetics

                             Osteogenesis Imperfecta and other Skeletal Dysplasias

                             Newborn Screening

                             Birth Defects

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My involvement with the Institute of Human Genetics and the Newborn Screening Reference Center enables me to work on genetic conditions like skeletal dysplasias and metabolic conditions screened for in the Philippine Newborn Screening Program.  I am interested in researches focusing on improving the outcomes of affected individuals with these inherited conditions.


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Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Research Areas:    Vaccines

                              Infectious Diseases         

                              Childhood diseases

                              Public health


My previous work with oral cholera vaccine (OCV) has led to its licensure in India and eventual WHO-prequalification, allowing UN agencies to purchase the OCV. The OCV is now used as an additional tool for cholera control cholera epidemic and endemic settings. I have also worked in various aspects of OCV and other vaccines’ programmatic implementation and effectiveness studies. The results of some of these studies have been used as the basis for national and international policies and guidelines.


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