Services and Capabilities


The NIH offers research-related capabilities, various services and equipment. A reasonably priced rental fee is collected per equipment used to defray the high cost of equipment maintenance. The facilities are continually being upgraded and a complete and updated list may be obtained from the NIH office.

1. Services


  • Research Ethics
  • Qualitative Health Research
  • Institute and Study Group based courses and workshops


  • Immunological Tests
    • Immunodeficiency Panel (Flow Cytometry)
    • Cell Proliferation Assay (ELISA & Flow Cytometry)
    • Nitro Blue Tetrazolium Test (NBT) Assay: Slide Method
  • Special Tests
    • Complete Blood Count
    • G6PD Confirmatory Test
    • Lead Analysis (blood)
  • Animal Care & Use
    • Rat
    • Rabbit
    • Mice
    • Balb C Strain
    • ICR Strain
  • Other Supplies
    • Distilled Water
    • Deionized Water
    • Ice Flakes (per kilogram)


  • Conference Rooms
    • Room 103
    • Room 104
  • Meeting Rooms
    • Room 107
    • Room 109

2. Available equipment at the NIH Central Laboratory

Autoclave, HV-85 (Hiriyama)
Autoclave, HV110 (Hiriyama)
Benchtop Autoclave (Sanyo)
Analytical Balance (Mettler Toledo)
Analytical Balance (Setra)
Animal Balance with set of weights
Toploading balance (Setra)
Standard Portable Balance (Setra)
Dial-o-gram Equal Balance
Platform Scale (Kern)
Bead Beater
Mini Bead Beater Retsh Mixer Mill

Touch-o-matic Bunsen Burner
Fireboyplus Bunsen Burner
IEC General Purpose Centrifuge
IEC Refrigerated Centrifuge
Hettich Refrigerated Centrifuge
IEC Micromax Centrifuge
IEC Minimax Centrifuge
IEC Micromax Refrigerated Centrifuge
IEC MP4 Refrigerated Microcentrifuge
IEC Hispeed Centrifuge (refrigerated)
Beckman Coulter Ultracentrifuge (refrigerated)
Chromosomal Analysis
Quips XL Workstation

Weifo Dryer / Desiccator
Drying Oven (Binder) 4.5 cu. ft.
Drying Oven (Binder) 9 cu. ft.
DNA Apparatus
Thermocycler 2400 (Biorad)
GeneAmp PCR System (Perkin Elmer)
Gel Dryer
Heat Block
Automated Laser Fluorescence DNA Sequencer
Manual Sequencer plus Accessories
Minisubmarine Gel Electrophoresis System (Minicell EC)
Submarine Gel Electrophoresis System (Maxicell EC)
Multiphor II Electrophoresis System
Kodak Digital Science EDAS 120 System
BioRad Gel Doc 2000
Flow Cytometer
Coulter Epics XL 4 colors

Freeze Dryer
Labconco Freeze Dry System

Ultra Low Freezer
Sanyo Ultra Low Freezer
Forma Scientific Ultra Low Freezer
Fumehood / Laminar Flow

Philab Fumehood with blower
Labconco Perchloric Acid Fumehood
Labconcoprotector 6-ft purifier class II
Clyde Apac Biological Safety Cabinet


Sanyo icemaker

General Purpose Incubator (Thelco)
CO2 Incubator (Sanyo)
CO2 Incubator (Napco)
Liquid Nitrogen Tank
Thermolyne Locator 8

Miroplate Reader
ELISA Multiscan EX (Labsystems)

Olympus Zoom Microscope with photographic attachment
Microscope, Olympus Bx 50 with photographic attachment
Olympus Binocular Microscope
Inverted Microscope (Carl Zeiss)
Muffle Furnish
Thermolyne Benchtop Furnace

PH Meter
Benchtop PH Meter (Schott)

Pipettes / Pipette Aid
Positive Displacement Pipettes (Eppendorf)
Adjustable Volume Pipette (Eppendorf)
Multipette (Eppendorf)
Finnpipette Electronic Pipettes
Finnpipette Electronic Pipettes with 8 channel cone module
Finnpipette Electronic Pipettes with 12 channel cone module
Standard Portable Pipette Aid
Milton Roy Refractometer

Biological refrigerator with low temperature incubation
Labline Refrigerator, 14 cu. ft. 2-door
GE Refrigerator, 12 cu. ft. 2-door
Shaker / Stirrer
Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Sieve Shaker
Gilson Sieve Shaker

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Molecular Biology Assistant 2000 System
Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrophotometer
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Astrason Ultrasonic Cleaner

Vortex Mixer
VWR Vortex Mixer
IKA Vortex Mixer
Water Bath
Shaking Waterbath (Precision)

Waterbath (Memmert)
Water Purification Apparatus