Laboratory Use Guidelines

1. General Requirements Prior to Use of NIH Laboratory Facilities and Equipment Researchers and research staff should coordinate with NIH administrative personnel prior to initiation of their research. The general requirements are as follows:

a. Submit a copy of your protocol as approved by the College Research Committee or Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. In the case of non-UP system users, a protocol approved by their Institutional Review Board and to be approved by the NIH Executive Director must be submitted.

b. Get a copy of the NIH Operations Manual and a list of laboratory fees and charges from the administrative office.

c. A contract of lease for laboratory facilities and equipment shall be drawn for all users. For non-UP researchers, prepare a proposed list of laboratory use charges. For UP researchers, the list should be attached to the research contract of the OVCR.

d. Arrange schedule of use of NIH equipment. Visitors ID from the administration office will be provided to all users.

e. Check with the administrative office for billing

f. Care of laboratory animals should be coordinated with the NIH laboratory personnel.

2. General Conduct on the Use of Laboratory Equipments and Facilities

All Researchers and research personnel directly involved in the use of the laboratory facilities are expected to have read the Laboratory section of the NIH operations manual prior to initiation of experiments.

a. Only authorized persons should work in the laboratory. In case of group users, only one user is allowed to operate selected machines under the supervision of the NIH laboratory staff.

b. Unauthorized personnel and pets are not allowed in the premises

c. Wear laboratory gown and closed-toed footwear while in the laboratory. Provide your own footwear and gown.

d. Proper laboratory decorum and etiquette is expected of everyone. Excessive noise and unruly behavior are not allowed in the laboratory.

e. All personal supplies/equipment brought into the premises should be listed and checked-in with the Security Guard and the NIH laboratory personnel. Only registered supplies/equipment will be allowed to leave the premises with their rightful owners.

f. Be sure to log-in before and log-out after using the equipment. Ask for the logbook from the laboratory staff.

g. The users must shoulder all consumable laboratory supplies.

h. Utmost care should be taken in the proper use of all laboratory equipment. Double-check equipment for specific power requirement (110v or 220v) before plugging into the wall socket. Refrain from operating any equipment or instrument without proper instruction and authorization. Repair of equipment rendered out of order due to carelessness and improper use shall be the responsibility of the users. Reporting of all equipment breakdowns/loss must be done as soon as possible to the NIH laboratory staff.

i. All laboratory equipment should be used only for their intended purpose, unless appropriately modified, upon approval of the laboratory supervisor.

j. Ask permission from concerned administrative personnel in case there is need to use or borrow reagents/supplies and equipment other than those at the NIH laboratory (e.g. Genetics Lab, UPCAS, etc.)

k. The transfer of equipment from one laboratory to another, unless justifiable and will directly affect the results of the experiments, is strictly not allowed. An approval from the laboratory manager is required prior to transferring any of the equipments.

l. Students, research staff and other laboratory users are encouraged to work only during regular working hours (8 am - 5 pm, Mondays - Fridays only). Everyone is advised to use these hours to the maximum. In case an experiment needs to be extended beyond these hours (i.e. very early morning, during nighttime or during Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), arrangements should be made in advance and permission must be obtained from the NIH Executive Director.

m. Students are required to obtain a written clearance from the Administrative Personnel upon completion of their research project. The presence of students in the laboratory premises is unauthorized beginning the day after submission of their written thesis.

n. For research projects: All laboratory accountabilities must be settled at the end of the project for issuance of clearance.

o. Eating in the laboratory is strictly prohibited. Food and drinks should not be stored in the refrigerators/freezer/drawers. Research Staff are enjoined to eat at the NIH Staff Lounge at the 2nd floor during mealtimes.

p. Cleanliness of the laboratory should be maintained at all times (during and after the conduct of experiments). It is the user's responsibility to clean all glassware and other washable supplies after every use. Janitorial and custodial services are available to help in routine housekeeping. Proper disposal of materials and waste products is expected of everyone. In case there is need to leave specimen(s) in the refrigerator or (-) 85 degree freezer, these should be properly labeled before being endorsed to the laboratory personnel. Laboratory personnel are not responsible for lost or mistakenly disposed specimens.