First National Surveillance For Guillain-Barre' Syndrome(GBS) in the Philippines

The Institute of Child Health and Human Development together with the Department of Health(DOH), in partnership with Philippine Neurological Association(PNA) and Child Nuerology Society of the Phillipines(CNSP), will be conducting the first National Surveillance for Guillain-Barre' Syndrome(GBS) in the country.

The contents of this kit are the folllowing:

  1. National GBS Surveillance Protocol(abbreviated)
  2. Methodology Flow Chart
  3. TOR
  4. Philippine Acute Flaccid Paralysis Program
  5. GBS Stool Collection Instructions
  6. AFP Flow Chart
  7. GBS Case Record Form
  8. AFP CIF
  9. Informed Consent Form(Adult)
  10. Informed Consent Form (Parent/s)
  11. Assent Form
  12. VIP Handbook
  13. Strenghtening Active Surveillance for AFP(Department Memorandum
  14. Guidelines for the National Preparedness and Response to Wild Poliovirus(Administrative Order)
  15. GBS Main Directory