Towards Rubella Elimination in the Philippines Research Forum

You are invited to attend the UP Manila-NIH Research Forum entitled, Towards Rubella Elimination in the Philippines will be held on 3 November 2017, Tuesday, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the NIH Centennial Conference Room.

The research forum aims to:

1. To present an overview of the progress of the rubella/congenital rubella syndrome elimination plans on the global, regional and national levels

2. To present the plans of the Department of Health to achieve the national plans for the elimination of rubella/congenital rubella syndrome

3. To present the findings of a local study on the burden of congenital rubella syndrome in the country

Attached for your reference is a copy of the program.

Kindly disseminate this information to all your constituents and confirm the names of attendees to Ms. Sheila Bolante at 5672054 or