Reminder for Payment Schedule of Salaries and Honoraria for Project-Based Staff

In relation to the Memorandum Order No. CCDP- 017-128 "Payment Schedule of Salaries for Project-Based Staff", we would like to reiterate the timely submissions of requirements for processing of salaries and honorarium for project-based staff.

To prevent delays in the release of salaries and honoraria of project-based staff, the following requirements should be submitted to the Research Grants Administration Office (RGAO) on the 16th day of the month for the first half (lst to 15th); and 1st day of the following month for the   second   half  (16th to 30th); or the previous working   day if such dates fall on a Saturday/Sunday/or Holiday.:

1. Certificate of Service (COS);
2. Contract of Service; and
3. Accomplishment Report;
4. Disbursement Voucher (DV), UIS generated and prepared by Unit
5. Payroll Summary

Please be guided accordingly.