Call for Proposals: 1st International Conference on Food, Environment and Culture

We are pleased to announce that the Benguet State University is organizing its 1st International Conference on Food, Environment and Culture with the theme “Fostering International Cooperation for Sustainable Development through Multidisciplinary RDE” to be held at the Hotel Supreme, Baguio City on May 15-18, 2017.

The following are the topics which will be covered at the conference:

 1. Food

    a. Food Technology

    b. Health and Nutrition

    c. Marketing/Value Chain/Supply Chain/Entrepreneurship

    d. Agriculture

 2. Environment

    a. Climate Change

    b. Natural Resource Systems

    c. Biodiversity Studies

    d. Urban Studies

    e. Forestry

    f. Energy

    g. Engineering

    h. Disaster Response and Management

 3. Culture

    a. Education and Heritage

    b. Language and Communication

    c. Performing Arts

    d. Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices

    e. Gender and Development

    f. Women Studies

    g. Policy and Governance

Attached is the Call for Papers for further information.

The deadline for submission of abstract is extended until February 2017. For inquiries, kindly coordinate with the Research Grants Administration Office (, 567-2054)

Thank you for your continued interest in health research and development.